Friday, September 4, 2015

10 reasons why our cat Skitty was the Cat's Ass

1. She traveled well.

2. She slept in inconvenient places.

3. It took time to grow into her feet.

4. Like a dog, she loved her belly rubs.

5. When she had that look, you knew to stay away. 

6. Cleanliness was important to her.

7. ... So was sleep.

8. When she stared at you, it felt like forever, and it usually was.

9. She ate with her paws. She would scoop out the dry food, one piece at a time. When we switched her to wet food, STILL, she would scoop it out and put it on the floor and then eat it. When she was done, she made little Skitty prints, until she got to the carpeted stairs. Then, and only then, would she clean. 

10. There was no cat like her, she lived to 15, and she was OUR kitty. XO Skitty in the sky.

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