Thursday, December 1, 2016

There is so much to rant about these days...

It's one of those days where my frustration is overflowing from every part of my being and spilling onto my work. 

But in support of my own mental health and the fact that I'm not really angry—but frustrated—and willing to laugh at the situation, I had to share with you this e-mail I sent to one of our teachers.

 "I have to be an educational investigator. It’s like I’m a crime scene investigator, researching backward from the scene of the crime in order to find out what happened."

I'm also trying to make someone else (the teacher—whom I respect) laugh while catching my drift, and hopefully feel empathic to my issue. 

I love everything to do with this school, but not this part. 

It also highlights the sort of thing I want to scream to people who don't really understand how parenting millennials is very different to how it was parenting generation X.  Or to those who have no idea what a stay at home parent endures in the course of a day—one who puts 100 percent into their family—and still tries to make a difference in the world. 

The kind of people who can't seem to understand why I can't seem to plan a meal or why my floor is dirty...


I thought I'd post the e-mail for you to laugh over, as well, since I'm going to waste my time in this ridiculous manner crafting it in the first place when I could just go in and have a more reasonable but less fun and more formal discussion with the teachers about it. 

Enjoy the madness!

Most of the blacked out parts say the name of the school or teacher or my kiddo so it'll make more sense to you...

Ahhh, test on December 5th, eh? Or the test that was today (the 1st) 

Where, I say?!!

And on this one, can you spot any tests? I can find one out of the 

three, anyway...

***Language Typo Alert!! It should have read, "Or it doesn't scare you off of having children. 


Cheers, stay at home parents, and those of you understand the struggle!!

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