Monday, May 19, 2014

Are You Ready to Bloom or Set Your Wings To Flight?

"If people did not love one another, I really don't see what use there would be of having any spring." ~ Victor Hugo, Les Miserables 

It's all birds and blooms to me right now, it's all I see, so it might be all you read from me. Here's why;

My favorite season is SPRING, and it's really all the living that draws me in. That which has been lying under a stagnant undergrowth of dingy darkness answers the siren call of sunlight, swiftly responding to it's beckoning. Lush chlorophyll soaked greenery snakes upward through stringy mulch to seek new life. Then blooms.

If you look at nature, including human beings, everything grows. I can't keep up with my hair growing, or the weeds in the backyard. Tiny, hairless chicks accept worm after worm from their mothers and grow in the time it takes me to realize they've been living up in the eaves all along. Then they're gone. They soar through the air testing the aerodynamic capabilities of their wings along with the laws of the sky.

So what of your soul? Is it growing? Are you bound by your own inertia? 

The thing about life is that some aspects of it fool us with their safety. For instance, the aforementioned bird having just popped out of toasty egg and fed worms enough to support it's strength for take-off might decide that the air was a danger to him. Or that little bird may prefer the cozy threads lovingly provided by mama bird to lay upon. 

So it stays the same, that neonate – in it's nest – snugged up cozy, but paralyzed in a way. Stunted. 

What might that little guy have felt upon swooping down through the rippling air, just as ribbon dances upon it? That darling bird was capable of easily doing what humans dream of doing. Only the humans wake up with a smile on their face until they realize they have arms that may flap, but keep them solidly on the ground, a slave to gravity. They lack the loftiness of birds. 

So dear friends, are you allowing yourself to grow? 

There is a sort of invigoration that sets in after engaging in something new, as spring tends to enliven the soul. I'm not talking about the thrill of buying something new, as that always results in a very short spike of adrenaline and excitement. Then it wanes, rapidly, as does the limited glow of artificial sunlight. 

Dare to transform and you will grow. Sometimes you need to cut back in order to mature.

What can you cut back from your life to allow for new growth? 

A few years ago, I decided to eliminate GOSSIP from my life. I participated when in certain circles to feel part of a group. Such a horrid pastime. Never kind this cutting people down for sport, and usually sprouts out of jealousy. 

Another thing I have focused on eliminating are DAMAGING THOUGHTS. They are often comprised of aspects of yourself that you feel bad about. Negativity that originated from the outside world that has a detrimental effect on your thinking voice, encapsulating you in total darkness when the light is essential for you to grow. Imagine that a new gardener has come along, knocking down the wall and allowing you to bask completely in the sun–where you were meant to be all along. Now you rest only at night so you can dream about the heights accessible to you. 

Are you CUTTING SOMEONE DOWN when they are newly growing? That person isn't meant to be
pruned, as they are just finding their pace of growth. Realize that you have insecurities that you need to deal with. Don't be responsible for killing some one's dream of noble heights.

Are you TALKING YOURSELF UP amongst your friends and family, your co-workers? Do you only see your own ability to grow and discount their contributions? You need a huge gut-check. The landscape is more lush and beautiful with many colors, textures, and methods of growing. And
CONDESCENSION is like placing weed killer on the most gorgeous blooms, they choke them out.

Your dreams will be tended to when you see and appreciate others around you that have supported you and also contributed to your growth, those who have watered you to your current height. See them for who they are and what they bring to your life. They, as you, may be newer to growing, but have the same ability to reach the sky.

Now you are ready, little one, sweet child of the wind. And off you go! Bloom and allow others to bloom, as well.

Imagery and metaphor are great tools of psychologists and life coaches. They allow you to manifest all manner of dreams. If you can imagine yourself as a new plant in Spring, ready to sprout up toward the sky, you will find that you can do anything. It really works. Try it. 

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