Monday, November 2, 2015

NaNoWriMo Excerpt from Born in May

Sometimes, if you get too close to someone, if you try too hard to feel them, to know their soul…they can shed a part of themselves unto you, so that their experiences somehow become mixed with yours. Swiftly, now, you're left with this new part that was never supposed to be there. 

It covers you, and you suffocate in it, it’s not compatible with you—this foreign body—and you start to fray. And when this fraying begins, you fall to pieces, and you lose the parts of you that sing. 

Your soul needs them, those fragments that have always raised you up, but they have become dust to the wind. 


Now, there is only fear—the same fear their fathers gave to them, and you spend all of your time now trying to survive it. 

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