Monday, October 14, 2013

How You Can Learn to Let Go: Following Mother Nature's Lead

It seems that we only have to blink our eyes a few times and Fall is upon us. It's here, and I can't help but be grateful and inspired by mother nature's gift.

Though not one to favor the lower temperatures of this particular season, I cannot help but to gaze in wonder all around me. 

The trees are blanketed in the leaves that they have been housing for months now, but those same leaves take on a magnificent smattering of color for the child in all of us to gaze fondly at. 

Soon, the trees will easily and freely release the leaves that have  adorned them lovingly and loyally for all of their life. 

Some trees are able to acquire more leaves than others. It is also true that the trees will lose a lot of their covering from gruesome winds, still some foliage may have been pulled from their home by a curious child, or fallen off when the tree couldn't replenish them. 

These same leaves would have stayed with the tree for even longer than their life, had the trees allowed, covering the tree with a muddy color of death. Nonetheless, the tree lets them go, simply because it is time.

If only we could live our lives the way the trees do, letting go of things that do not serve us, obsessive thoughts, items that clutter our homes that we don't need, insecurities and negativity. 

What are you holding onto that does not serve you anymore? Perhaps it is a friend, a painful memory, a sad song. Whatever it may be, let's all take a lesson from nature and consider it time to let go. 

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