Sunday, November 3, 2013

READCON and Music Was All I Needed...

Writing a novel is tough work- Understatement of the century!

One thing that helps with inspiration is being with people who write and yesterday I showed up at  READCON to find that spark. I was able to fill that need-and then some! Think books, brews, and cool people.

I began the day at READCON only slightly connected to the writing world, I was filled maybe halfway up to my knees with the writing spirit. That sensation of being cut-off from what the "real" writers were up to, of floating precariously around them in that pseudo-writer space, the doubts of whether I fit into their neat little bubble faded away.

Essentially, it is the very essence of people that we require time to be with like-minded people to feel right. Therefore, people who write need to be with people who write to feel RIGHT... Dr. Suess is invading my headspace!

Seek out other writers, seek out conferences, do anything to practice your craft, to learn new techniques, to feel passionate about the lifestyle.

What also helps me is to feed the emotion and feeling directly to my brain through the appropriate music. This is what I am listening to now while I write...It is the heart and soul of my story.

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What do you do to allow yourself to intimate what you already are? 
How do you align yourself with that desired schemata?

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